Features pending implementation

Here is the list of planned features for major release.

Folders/Files comparison view

  • Compare contents dialog
  • Compare binary
  • Compare text (ignore space)
  • Add "similar" to files view
  • New folder Action
  • Next difference/previous difference (with auto expanding)
  • Possibly new tree component for efficiency
  • Cut, Copy, Paste files from Clipboard
  • Actions operating on more then one resource to list resources on confirmation dialog [done]
  • Touch action - [done]
  • File list - colour same files with different dates (colour dates only) - [done]
  • File list - colour same files with different lengths (colour lengths only) - [done]
  • Select all - [done]
  • Select files only - [done]
  • Expand - [done]
  • Expand all - [done]
  • Collapse - [done]

Text comparison view

  • Filter to view: different/same/similar
  • Search/search next
  • Inline differences
  • Display line numbers
  • Go to line
  • Show whitespace
  • Navigator
  • Possibly new list component for efficiency
  • Next/previous difference [done]
  • Implement Paste action [done]

Picture comparison view

Implement it.

Preferences field

Implement it.